EarthHealth Partnership is so called in that it works in partnership with people and organisations to achieve better outcomes for humanity and life on Earth as a whole.

What We Do

We focus on helping communities create healthy and fulfilling lives for themselves in a way that benefits humanity and the whole of life on Earth.

We work in partnership with public, private and third sector organisations to facilitate the development of projects in the following areas:

• clean, renewable energy generation and energy management systems
• sustainable land use/regenerative agriculture
• next generation ecologically sound homes
• data, information and transaction systems that can help steer us to a more ecologically balanced future

Our aim is to generate a collective sense of purpose in how we meet our needs, enabling us to live within a sustainable economic and ecological footprint for current and future generations.

EarthHealth Partnership brings together the technologies, end users, delivery partners and finance to facilitate initiatives in these areas.

We make that happen by: seeking out, co-creating, and applying technology and financial solutions that empower society to meet its current and future needs sustainably. This can only be done through collaboration and values driven leadership.

UK Solar Park Development Programme

EarthHealth Partnership is actively involved in identifying opportunities to generate significant capital value along with quantifiable economic, social and ecological value improvements.

Through our relationships with FCA approved organisations, we provide both experienced private investors and institutional investors with attractive and exciting investment opportunities in our projects.

The first of these is a fund focused on the development of solar parks across the UK. The fund is currently in development and more details will be published on this website shortly.