Working in partnership with landowners to realise the development potential of their land for either renewable energy generation or sustainable building development. In addition to developing conventional agricultural or brownfield sites, UED has specialist skills in land remediation and land value enhancement. UED works closely with local authorities and other public sector organisations so that change of use of land within their area fits effectively into the local plan

The purpose of Empower Community is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society by providing access to much-needed capital for community renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. We have built and manage an existing portfolio of 35 MW of community-benefit solar PV, comprising 10,000 roof-top social housing installations and two 5 MW solar parks, in ten UK-wide locations.

The role of the Empower Community Foundation is to oversee, as trustee, local community funds that receive a share of profits from renewable energy projects invested by Empower Community.

Empower Community’s purpose and values are embodied in the constitution of Empower Community Foundation, a company limited by guarantee and a registered charitable foundation.

The balanced interests of all investors and participating communities, wider society and the environment are embedded and upheld within its constitution.

The principal roles of Empower Community Foundation can be divided into three main areas:

  • To oversee balanced stakeholder governance process applied to Empower Community Management’s operation of the Empower Community funding mechanism.
  • To administer and oversee the financial management and allocation of profit share from projects in favour of communities where the projects are undertaken, via the Local Community Funds.
  • To further the research into community transition towards sustainable, local economies.